Core M1

Fors is powered using SWTs’ proprietary Core M1 module. Core M1 is manufactured using SWTs’ patented flow through capacitive deionization (FT-CDI) technology. FT-CDI is extremely versatile to remove/reduce various kinds of contaminants found in water, like heavy metal ions, unwanted salts, disease-causing microbial matter, and certain organics. FT-CDI gives Core-M1 all the functionality of pure activated carbon filtration, in addition to electro-deionization via typical capacitive deionization (CDI) technology, enhancing its capability to purify water for domestic needs.

Long life (up to 3 years)

Low carbon foot-print manufacturing

Wide contaminant removal profile

Lego-like scalable design

Getting started

Getting started with Fors is simple. The system is installed through a certified partner, who will instruct on operating procedures. The system is programmed to run autonomously and report basic functions to SWT control center in real-time, ensuring error-free operation and quick turnaround for unforeseen issues. Fors needs a flat ground and an electrical point to commence installation and operations, giving you uninterrupted clean water.